5 years….Then and Now

In early 2014, my mom and I were talking about the needs of families that were in situations like we had been in when my dad was sick. We thought about the trips back and forth from Duluth to Rochester for dad’s chemo, the late night ER visits for fevers, and just the overall stress we all felt while dad was sick.

It was during this conversation that we decided to start fundraising to support patients and their families in Rochester. I thought that maybe we could raise some money and each year give out some grants to a couple of families each year. Instead of birthday gifts, I asked my family for gift cards to gas stations that we could give out.

I spent an afternoon Googling, “How to start a non-profit” and from there…Med City Foundation was born.


Med City Foundation’s very first logo in 2014:

original logo

5 years….Then and Now