Broadway Plaza: A Home Away From Home

Earlier this summer, we received an amazing donation: an apartment! Broadway Plaza, located on Broadway Ave in Rochester, was willing to donate a two bedroom, unfurnished apartment for one full year. Our amazing volunteers and supporters rallied and furnished the apartment in no time! Not only does this space provide a place for families to stay, it provides the conveniences of being directly downtown. Guests are able to take the Skyway and Subway systems to and from the Methodist campus, ensuring that they are able to reach care when needed, no matter what time of day or night.

In addition to the apartment, Broadway Plaza offers a swimming pool and workout facility for family members, which helps greatly with the boredom that can come with long visits to Rochester.

Many people ask, “why do these patients have to stay so long?” and “why can’t they stay at one of the other hospitality homes in town?”  Well ,here are the bullet points of why the Broadway Plaza apartment donation is so critical to our patients:

  1. Blood cancer patients frequently require stem cell or bone marrow transplants which require a 6-8 week minimum stay in Rochester
  2. Patients not receiving a transplant are often here for even longer time periods while they under go complicated chemotherapy regimens that many hospitals across the nation do not offer. These regimens combine inpatient and outpatient hospital stays, but even when outpatient, patients must be able to reach the Methodist campus within 20-30 minutes in case of fevers or other complications.
  3. We have many wonderful hospitality homes in Rochester such as the Gift of Life Transplant House and Hope Lodge, in addition to the Ronald McDonald House for pediatric patients. However, when the parent is the patient, these homes are not able to accommodate families and allow them to stay together during treatment.
  4. Many of the hospitably homes in Rochester are full, beyond capacity, and therefore are not able to provide complimentary lodging to hundreds of patients each year

Honestly, I could continue this list and make it even longer, but I think you understand. The gift that Broadway Plaza has given to our patients is much more than a donation of space, it is a home away from home.


Broadway Plaza: A Home Away From Home

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