Provider and Supporter: Jennie Goble


jennieJennie Goble has been a physician assistant (PA) in hematology at Mayo Clinic for seven years. She is also a current board member for the Med City Foundation. Jennie discovered the Med City Foundation about a year ago through her work at Mayo Clinic in the hematology unit, where many of the blood cancer patients receive their chemotherapy treatments. Currently, there is a total of 22 rooms on the hematology floor, two of which are dedicated solely to outpatient rooms. For an acute leukemia patient, the typical treatment is a month of inpatient treatment followed by 12-16 weeks of chemotherapy where the patient flips back and forth between inpatient and outpatient care rapidly. Due to the quickly changing environments, the unit tries to keep the care as consistent as possible with the same nursing staff and room. The unit also has their own pharmacist and schedulers to coordinate outpatient treatment.

The rapid flipping of inpatient to outpatient treatment is a strain on many families because of housing. Being an outpatient has many benefits as this helps the patients eat more and be more active in addition to limiting their chances of infection. This is where Jennie’s connection with the Med City Foundation comes into play. When patients are struggling with finding a place to stay during outpatient treatment or they just need a little help, she is the first to refer them to the Med City Foundation. Jennie has the insight to be able to clearly articulate the needs of the patients and bring these needs to the Med City Foundation. Jennie states that a key to success is providing support to families as well as the patient, and she thinks that is one of the best features of the Med City Foundation because they focus on the needs of the whole family. Whether it is providing housing that encompasses an entire family so kids are not separated from their parents or doing small things like providing grocery or gas gift cards.

Jennie says the most rewarding part of her job is the patient care itself. She realizes this is just her job, but to the family, this a critical time in their lives, and she wants to be able to support them through their journey. Even if a patient’s cancer journey ends in death, Jennie believes it is not a failure if that patient was loved and supported.

Provider and Supporter: Jennie Goble

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